NDT Services

  1. Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement
  2. Ultrasonic Flaw Detection
  3. Pipe Continuous Scanning
  4. Magnetic Particle Inspection
  5. Dye Penetration Testing


Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement

  • Class periodical special survey
  • Steel renewal assessment
  • Owner’s requirements survey
  • Life extension survey
  • CAP survey
  • Close-up inspection (i.e. by rafting)


Ultrasonic Flaw Detection

A technician uses an angle beam probe.
To detect internal such as crack, segregation, slag inclusion, etc.


Pipe Continuous Scanning

A technician uses a high frequency MSEB-4 twin crystal-probe to scan a pipe. Determines the thickness, pitting and erosion or grooving, condition of cargoes, ballast and stripping pipes. It saves cost and time in dismantling and reassembling the pipeline.


Magnetic Particle Inspection

A careful magnetic particle inspection being conducted. Detects presence of cracks, seams, inclusion, segregation, porosity, lack of fusion and similar discontinuities in magnetic materials.