Marine Services

  1. Rope Access Inspection
  2. Bottom-Pit Inspection
  3. Pipe Internal Inspection (Rat Patrolling)
  4. Hull Visual Inspection
  5. Voyage Inspection
  6. Structure Condition Assessment
  7. Life Extension Survey
  8. CAP Survey
  9. Superintendency


Pipe Internal Inspection (Rat Patrolling)

A technician “ratting” his way through a pipe.
Conducted on pipes above 550mm in diameter. Pits located inside and at the bottom of pipes will be reported. Photographs of map-like corrosions will be presented. If needed, a repair recommendation plan will proposed.


Bottom-Pit Inspection

An example of a patched “map-like” grooved corrosion seen on the visible portion of a bottom plate.
Prior to dock-yarding, this inspection is done on the ship’s bottom plate. A map-like presentation of the corrosion in the form of photographs will be given.


Valve Inspection

An example of corrosion.

Checks are made to locate pitted surface, erosion, broken seat-ring, pitted housing and loose locknuts. A recommendation for repair will also presented.


Hull Visual Inspection

An example of a typical concentrated corrosion hole on the web plate detected through hull inspection.
Aging ships are especially prone to corrosion problems requiring detailed inspection. Our services also include a detailed survey report containing inspection results, photos, proposed repair plans and steel weight calculations (if required).